About OHT

With headquarters in Milltown, County Galway, Ocean Harvest Technology provides a diverse range of seaweed based formulas based on bioactive ingredient for the use in the Salmon feed industry. These ingredients replace the artificial ingredients found in a variety of alternative feed ingredients on the market.

The company was founded by Patrick Martin, an Irish born seafood expert with over 25 years’ experience in aquaculture around the world; and Dr Stefan Kraan, a Dutch born world expert in seaweed who formerly headed the Irish Seaweed Centre at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The company’s Technical Director is Colin Mair, a veteran in the field of aquatic feeds, pet food, snack foods and breakfast cereals who has worked across Europe, the United States and Japan.

OHT formed in 2002, and its products have since been introduced to the feeding program of premium quality salmon farms in Europe and North America after trials with Atlantic salmon lasting over sixty weeks returned extremely positive results. The company discovered from these trials that salmon illustrates an overall better health, higher weight gain, 40% reduction in sea lice infestations, improved flavour and texture, and an improved natural colouring. OHT has a manufacturing, distribution, sales and administration headquarters in County Galway, Ireland and has produced out of the plant since 2009. The organisation has its main production facility in Vietnam where its products can be shipped to any destination worldwide. The company has the capacity to supply the world’s leading centres of salmon farming in Scotland, Norway and Canada.

OHT introduces a product capable of revolutionising the salmon feed industry while also moving across markets and providing seaweed based feeds for other animals including; shrimp, swine, and domestic pets. Oceanfeed is a wholly sustainable, seaweed-based feed proven to significantly improve the health of farmed fish and their environment.


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